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Any way to leave a scan results report displayed?

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Excellent product, I rely on it. Thanks for making SAS!

Question: I have the PRO edition and I schedule it to run a full scan every night. Is it possible to have some kind of report left displayed in the morning so, bleary-eyed and still in need of my caffeine jolt, I don't have to remember to review the log to see if it found anything?

This would be especially important IF indeed the scan found something bad since at least I'd like to know about the problem, even if it's been resolved. 99% of the time the scan is clean so as we all know there's a tendency for complacency to set in.

I don't see any "SETTING" which would indicate a way but I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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I kind of dislike this option since it leaves the potentially offensive program "live" and possibly "active" until I notice the prompt options. I was hoping something would SaS would continue to resolve the problems automatically but just leave some of indication that it had to deal with an issue overnight.

Maybe a feature to add to a future edition? I think this is a valuable selling point for the software since it informs users that they've derived a benefit from its use. Most people are too lazy to check logs, anyway, unless they experience blatant problems.

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