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Problem with renewal

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I am having a terrible time with the renewal on two of my computers and need help NOW. I sent an email this morning but have heard nothing back. When the false positives happened yesterday, I realized that two of my computers had expired subscriptions, so I went in the renew them. First I tried to click the "renew" link, but when that didn't work we uninstalled the software, thinking we would just download a fresh copy. However we paid online and downloaded, but it picked up the old license and won't let us enter the new license and still show us as expired. Because of the false positive in the last update it keeps popping up saying it's finding this Trojan, but won't update because it says the software is expired. I'm so frustrated right now I'm tempted to just switch to different software. This false positive yesterday cost me an entire day of work, only to find out today that it was a false alarm. Needless to say, I'm one PO'd customer right now. If you don't get me a solution in the next few hours I'm switching to something else!

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