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Increase in spyware

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Up until roughly a couple of months ago, a full scan of SAS Pro was picking up at most a few bits of spyware and very occasionally a trojan. Since then, no (legit) trojans, but 68 or 69 spyware entries every time. And it looks like the same 68 or 69 each time. Did something change in the way the program works?

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Nothing has changed, SUPERAntiSpyware will detect and remove the cookies on your system in each scan. Cookies are text files that you get from basic web browsing and from some programs. Some cookies are re-created immediately upon deletion or on reboot.Each time you go to the same websites, you will get the same cookies.You can block cookies in your browser. Programs that use cookies will re-create them. In any case, they will not harm or slow your computer.

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