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Big Problem after last update definition

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I had not had this computer on all weekend. I did a full scan on Friday which it found nothing. I then shut the computer off. Today when i turned it on I got this


Then the phone kept ringing from clients who have superantispyware pro, they are getting the same thing, One client got hundreds of files that superantispyware said google chrome was infected and other program files she has. She also had the computer off all weekend and when turning it on get the same thing. We ran a scan and it said she had 565 adware cookies. HuH that is wierd since all she did was turn the computer on, and again she had run a full scan on Friday.

I am also getting emails from clients telling me superantispyware is going nuts, hundreds of trojans that do not exist with hundres of adware cookies and all they did was turn on their computers.

Don't you think this is very strange?

You need to fix this asap


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