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Bad install then bad uninstall of SAB?

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I hope I can word this so it makes sense.

I first installed as 'Trial' on 8/15, but came to wonder about it mainly due to constant reminders in system tray to update so on 8/20 I uninstalled it. Then just out of curiosity I did a search of my computer for any leftovers & did find 12, then deleted my IE History & still have 3 File Folders with reference to SAB. Then while looking in the Event Viewer this morning I found an 'Error' - 8/21 - Service Control Manager' so went through all instances of that & found that there were lots of them even from the day of install. Most of them say "SAB has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver."

So my 1st question is, Can I safely just delete the 3 File Folders to rid my computer of any reference to SAB?

Secondly, what can anyone tell me about the incompatible issue?

Thank you,


IE 9

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

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Still no reply so maybe you need more info. I just found several things in the Event Viewer so will try to attach some shots from different areas & dates. To re-cap: I installed SAB on 8/15 but came to wonder if I'd installed it wrong so Uninstalled on 8/20 @ 4:55pm.

The 1st shot will be what I find in E.Viewer every time I turn on or re-boot PC. The others will be what I found today by accident while searching Viewer for something else.

Well . . . have tried all the options to attach & get an error each time, what can I do to overcome that?



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