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Translation and bugs - Nothing changes

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I sent many times the same report but nothing changed.

- Italian translation (but valid for all langauges except english)

The current (available in latest program version) italian translation is a very very buggy translation with a mix of text strings that seems made with a Gooigle translator. The translation is dated 2009 and if I and other guys we proposed a lot of time to update the translation nothing channged.

To avoid my language so bad represented and not so easy to understand (and I believe that it's the same for many italian users) we switched to english.

Why do you ignore all times this request?

It's easy.

Please replace your buggy translation with mine (of one of other guys) taht should be really better than yours.

- UI bugs

I sent you a report with a tons of part of UI that is not translated because you don't enable it and no text strings are available in language file. But you continue to ignore it...

rseult. In localzied version your Ui is a mix of english and localized strings

- Program Files bug in the installer

I reported a lot of time but nothing change.

The installer has a bug.

Create alway "program Fiels" group folder under Start menu

You have to use %ProgramFiels% variable because "Program Fiels" group name is different in each llocalzied windows version.

Please follow up the feedbacks/sugegstions by youyr users and please don't continue to ignore it.

It's a free resource for you and you didn't do a good job if ignore it.

You program currently don't offer so high represention of good quality job


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