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False Positive ?

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Hi, I am new to the forum so firstly let me say hello to all members.

I have just set up a new PC and I have run SAS for the first time. The results showed the following major threats :




Rather than delete them and screw something up on my PC, I have allowed them as trusted items as I done a quick Google check and it seems this is something to do with Lenovo pre-installed programs.

I have reported it as a false positive but wondered if in fact it is a false positive or not as i then thought perhaps it is identifying the program which is infected so I decided to join the forum and post this thread in the hope that someone may offer some quick feedback.

Also when you do report a false positive, do you receive a response to confirm whether it is or isnt ?

Any help appreciated.



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Lenovo keyboards use a driver supplied by JMESoft. If you have a Lenovo keyboard and have the drivers installed then I would say it is a FP.

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