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SAS Portable

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Greetings SAS team. First, let me thank you for the great work you do in providing SAS to remove malware and, for offering it for free. I am not a programer but, can only imagine the cost involved.

I have a two part question.

I have applied several times for a re-seller license with SAS each without any reply whatsoever. It's very disheartening to not receive a reply. I run a legitimate computer support website and frequently provide free assistance on MS Answers and recently received 2011 contributor award from the same. So, just to be plain, coz I am not a man with a lot to say or how to say it, what's the deal? Seems to me you would be happy to have someone who does as much computer support as I and who believes in and recommends your software, or someone like me, to be a re-seller. I regularly advocate you product. In fact, litterally thousands of times over the last two or more years. I am baffled by this.

Secondly, I would like to be put in touch with a developer of SAS. I am curious about a DOS version if such is available and, if not, perhaps it could be. Please do not underestimate the potential here.



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