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Does SAS slow mouse periodically?

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5.0.1150. Ever since a clean install of Win 7x64 on a new SSD in late April/early May, I've noticed that my mouse's movement slows and becomes jerky for a few to several seconds every so often. When it occurs, I sometimes open Task Manager and invariably right below System Idle Processes in the cpu-sorted list is SAS Pro running 1-2%. Could that be the cause of what I'm experiencing? I've tried changed batteries and a new mouse pad, but that hasn't stopped it.

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Again, this morning SAS Pro is doing the same thing every few minutes. Mouse becomes jerky, I open Task Mgr and there's Superantispyware.exe second in the processes list, showing 2% cpu. Doesn't happen often, but when it does SAS Pro is always there. Win 7x64.

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