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My False/Pos entry

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Not very hard to identify, as it has my avatar beside it

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The above Copy / Paste was at the time of this post, so I take it as reasonably current and you have limited members -

Has there been a problem with the item I posted in False Positives ? ?

After 2,438 views, I thought you may have responded to the post, or are you still thinking about it ! !

One would think that at least ? 50 or 100 of the views were by SAS people, but do they have a problem .........

Has any decision been made ? ?

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click the "Report False Positive" button on the right.

Note that this item did not show on the report' date=' and I have been back to the scan logs where there is also no such item -

I posted that I was unable to report it [b']any other way[/b], including a scan log and a print screen upload ! !

So a Copy / Paste of the item was all that I could add to the post -

If there is another way, please advise me, as the item is still in a scan log (as of now) -

Thank You -

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Any items detected by SUPERAntiSpyware will show up on the summary screen after a scan. From there, you will select the individual detection and click the Report False Positive button on the right. This gives our definitions team the information they need to correct a false positive. If you moved those items to quarantine, please restore them and then run a scan and follow the above directions. If the items are no longer detected, it is likely the false positive has already been corrected.

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