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SAS Customer Support

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I have SAS Pro along with IObit ASC Pro and IObit IMF Pro

I have had occasion to use both SAS support and IMF Support.

SAS has a nice cute GUI for following the discussion on a customer support ticket.

IObit support is strictly by email with no customer support ticket

Having worked with SAS and IMF Customer support a couple of times here are is curent ranking with 10 being most helpful and most friendly and 1 being not helpful and not friendly.

IObit Support - 9

SAS Support - 1

Make of it what you will. I use SAS Pro and to tell the truth would replace it with Malwarebytes if I wanted to spend the $65 for to purchase three Malwarebytes Pro licenses. However, since my three computers have been malware free except for a some adware since I started using W8-CP along with avast! AIS 7, IMF Pro 1.3 (now 1.4) and SAS Pro I don't feel like spending the money. However, if I had to do it all over again I would have pruchased three Malwarebytes Pro licenses rather than SAS Pro licenses simply because of how lousy and unfriendly SAS support is.

Feel free to remove this. I have had my say and you read it. That is all I wanted to do with this.

Not checked for typos


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Upon investigating it looks like your ticket was regarding an issue with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and the right-click context menu. As stated, Windows 8 has not been released yet and has not been fully tested, and as such some functions of SUPERAntiSpyware may not work properly. When you first created a ticket about this issue, it was forwarded to a developer to make them aware of the issue, which is the extent of what can be done support-side.

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