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Are these two registry items false positives?

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SUPERAntiSpyware Professional reports these two registry items as Trojan.Agent/Gen. I have not removed the items yet as Malwarebytes and MSSE do not detect them. Is this a "False Positive"? Following is a copy/paste of the scan log. Thanks for any help or information regarding this.

SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log


Generated 05/15/2012 at 07:45 AM

Application Version : 5.0.1148

Core Rules Database Version : 8595

Trace Rules Database Version: 6407

Scan type : Quick Scan

Total Scan Time : 00:03:07

Operating System Information

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (Build 6.01.7600)

UAC On - Administrator

Memory items scanned : 595

Memory threats detected : 0

Registry items scanned : 53903

Registry threats detected : 2

File items scanned : 10609

File threats detected : 0




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Has anyone else had a similar result?


Does anyone know if these two registry entries are indeed malware or just false positives?


Thanks for any help!

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Your original post was over a year ago.


After updating definitions and Build do they still get detected ?

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