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The Aftermath!

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Ok, so I dont know if I am the only one but after SAS removes the malware I am experiencing a total hose of the internet connection. I have done everything from fushing dns to uninstalling ipv4 (yes it can be done) to winsock resets to you name it and nothing works. I have had to reload the OS on 6 systems now after a successful clean up. This to me defeats the purpose entirely yet I am unable to figure it out. So the drivers are installed and shows that it is connected but limited no internet. ipconfig /all shows no adapters? tried all of the netsh cmd entries and they are succesful but dont change anything. A registry check of the parameters for tcip dont show anything unusual although admittedly I am not 100% on what is exactly suppose to be there but did copy it from a working system of the same model and OS.

So I am stumped as it were! Any ideas?...Thanks in advance!

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