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I have a few problems i need help with.

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I have SUPERAntiSpyware Free and have tried to update the definitions for about a week and nothing happened. It is in version 4.33.100 and it hasn't updated since March 18th!

I saw another thread about updates not working and that we should download the newest version, 5.0. I did that, but there were some problems.

First, 4 shortcut icons were put on my desktop with my older version still there.

When i open the program, it's still the old version.

So i went to uninstall the program and i accidentally clicked on not to deleted the quarantine files program settings etc.

However, I can still open up my program but it's in the older version. I was able to delete the old shortcut, but I'm not able to delete the other 4 new shortcuts on my desktop. says: "Cannot read from source file or disk"

I would really appreciate some advice. Do i have some sort of virus? is it a glitch in SuperAntiSpyware's?

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Uninstall with these instructions: http://www.superanti...lay.html?faq=47

Then restart your computer and reinstall.

Thank You. did it and it worked.

Turns out i have a trojan.agent/gen-autoit in CERTINSTALL.EXE

locationC:\Documents and Settings\Name\Local Settings\Temp\LMIR0001.tmp\script

I didn't find too much info on CERTINSTALL.EXE, there were links for CERTINSTALLER.EXE but mine doesn't have an 'ER' at the end, it's just CERTINSTALL.EXE.

is this definitely a virus and not a false positive? Is it an important part of my computer? I'd appreciate the advice.

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