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Everytime I scan usin SAS I get an entry called "System.BrokenFileAssociation", which contains another entry underneath called "HKCR\.exe". I delete both of them but they come back again.

Searching in the forum, I found that using "exefix_vista.reg" (I'm running Windows Vista) would fix the error, but I downloaded it and run it but did not work.

I would really appreciate if you could help me out.


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OK, I just downloaded updated SAS files this morning (Application Version : 5.0.1148) and ran a scan on my computer which is running Windows XP Pro, 32-bit Service pack 3. The scan results identified a System.BrokenFileAssociation for HKCR\.exe which SAS has tagged for quarantine. This is the first time this item has been identified as a problem by SAS and based on earlier postings on this subject it appears to be a false positive.

Based on results from the earlier discussions and the subsequent problems with quarantining this program, I have de-selected it for quarantine and would appreciate any recommendations as to any corrective measures to take so it doesn’t continue to show up on the scan results.


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