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Problem with update issued on Friday

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On the last Update on Friday something wierd happend to a clients machine

They were working on a word document and all of a sudden superantispyware propped up saying there were trojans and wanted to quarintine them. Given that these clients had no idea what to do they did what superantispyware requested.

But these are the files that were quarnatined"

c:/program files/superantipsware/superantispyware.exe


all seemed to be fine until they rebooted

Once rebooted Superantispyware kept crashing and

Windows popped up with a message saying the service that uses pdxdvsru.exe could not find mfc71.dll

I went onto their machine to see what was happening

this pdxdvru.exe is Cyberlink Power DVD DX which uses mfc71.dll

When i double clicked the icon I got the same Windows message

I finally was able to open Superantispyware after about 3 times of end tasking it and when into the quarantine

I restored back this file and the superantispyware.exe

Why would superantipsyware think itself was a trojan or spyware?

and why would it all of a sudden quarantine a file that has been on this computer since they purchased it last year? Dell installs this program and I installed Superantisyware onto their computer when they purchased both last year and Superantispyware never throught this was a trojan before

After I restored the files I re ran a quick scan and it came up clean

But if superantispyware out of the clear askes for this to be quarnatined i will send you the file beause i am not on the clients computer anymore.


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