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Same file flagged as trojan on one computer but not other??

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Hi. There is a small utlity (exe) I have been using occasionally for four years, with no indication of problems. I have this exact same file on two different computers that are both Windows XP SP3.

Oddly, on my HP, SAS Free flagged the file (and the shortcut to it) as Trojan.Agent/Gen-Faker after a manual scan. But on my Asus, an equally-updated SAS Free detected no problem with it.

So I tried copying the Asus version of the file (which again should actually be identical) over to the HP, and sure enough SAS now flagged it as a Trojan. Then I did the reverse: copied the HP version to the Asus, and sure enough SAS no longer had a problem with it -- until moved back to the HP.

So the same file is being called a Trojan on one pc, but not the other. This is very strange. What could be going on? Is this enough evidence to conclude "false positive"?


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