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Win2000SP4 and Undating Problems

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I use the Pro Lifetime version and I check for updates manually, several times a day. At least once a day, I get a message that an error had occured while I do the update and if I want to submit an error report. It dl's OK and decompresses OK and then it happens.

I do and I also include my email address. It then asks me if I want to restart SAS, and I say NO!!! because the last time I agreed to it, I had to reinstall my OS. Many, many wasted hours. I now say no and then I manually restart SAS and all is fine and the def seem to have been updated.

If I immediately go for an update again, it says it is up to date.

This has been happening regularly for several months.

I have tried going to your website and manually dl'd and manually updating and it works fine.

I use Win2000SP4

I use FF 10.0.2

I use Script Sentry

I use Avira Free

I use SpywareBlaster

I have tried disabling Avira before dl'ing SAS updates and it still happens.

Any ideas?



PS: What happens to all those reports that SAS sent in with my email addy?

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After creating the ticket and getting informed by you that you had no solution for my problem, i just manually dl'd the defs and then installed them. It worked most of the time. If I exited SAS first and then installed the defs, it worked every time.

NOW, since I dl'd and installed the 5.1.1002 version, SAS has been working just fine by just using the update button. I have used it 3 times so far and it is still working fine, Hopefully whatever you did with the latest version continues to work on my Win2000Pro SP4 OS.

Thank you!


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First def update went without a hitch. 5 minutes ago the second one is back to doing the same thing giving me an error message and asking me to submit a report.

Oh well, when I update my OS somewhere in the next year or so, perhaps it will work then.

Now I am back to manually dl'ing and manually installing the defs again.

I was sure hoping it was finally fixed.


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