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Whatever happened to the repair "Tools" tab??

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ON older versions of SAS there was a fantastic tab for repairing nasty things malware/viruses had done to your computer, such as repairing link to the "Restore" function and other very useful stuff. Now these fabulous options are not included in the free version. Bummer indeed.

I've got a dedicated hacker that even was able to incapacitate your program (it "ran" but the displayed no files scanned no items detected. S/he's a clever little sucker. It took me a while to even notice this. NO matter how many times I updated the definitions, they simply..disappeared.

I take it that now these TOOLS are now in the Pro version only? Sigh.

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Hi Bfann,

The Repairs are certainly still a part of the free version, it has just been moved since we did the big v5 UI redesign.

If you look at this screenshot you can see the Repairs button is on the applications main screen, just below the 'Check for Updates' and to the left of the 'Help' button.

Have a good one!

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