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Problem With SAS Definitions Updates Crashing Flash Incubator

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SAS Professional 5.0.1144


Firefox 11 Beta

Flash File: Adobe Flash Player Incubator

Information about incubator and the file download here at Adobe.

Everytime I am streaming an event live in Firefox and SAS updates definitions Flash crashes and Firefox freezes.

I did not have his problem when I was running Flash 11-2_p5.01322.

Also, Flash does not crash when not streaming during a SAS definition update.

Note: This version of Flash is very new and I expected to have problems using it. However, it offers some significant security advantages over the traditional Flash file.

The current Incubator release provides access to Flash Player Protected Mode for Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7 and Windows Vista systems.

So I am passing this along as information especially since all the software involved are either Alpha or Beta versions of that software except for SAS Pro.

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