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Hi I recently paid to upgrade to SAS professional because I was impressed how many bugs where being removed daily, so I thought an upgrade would give me real time protection?

Yesterday I knew something was wrong because how slow my computer was working, so I used SAS to do a scan and it found a number of adware, nothing to worry about. But it was still slow so I did a custom scan of my documents and it found something called Heur.Agent/Gen-White Box ? on checking through google this is something called a false positive ? whatever that means? I am not very computer savvy, and it asked me to do a reboot? When I got back to it working again my computer was going haywire, something called Babylon had hijacked my browser and I could not navigate anywhere and I could see adware in my bottom left loading onto my computer?

I have a programme I use called "Spybot search and destroy" I ran this programme and it took awhile and found "Babylon tool" (112), Chameleon (10) and Tradedoubler (1) another 123 bugs? I had to reboot again and it took while 0400 in the morning to clear my computer? Why did a free programme find them when SAS could not? and how do they get in through real time protection , a firewall and antivirus protection???

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Hi DonnyDave,

The Whitebox rule is not a false positive - it is a good rule. Sure - it has caused several false positives, but the rule still stands today and kills thousands of different malware samples. It does a whole lot more good than harm.

The Babylon infection is not a result of the SAS scan, it is unrelated.

We recieve over 25,000 new malware samples per day. Neither us, nor any other security vendor, are able to make rules to detect each and every one of those. We use our best judgement to decide on which samples are most important to focus on - and what rules will do the most to help protect our users.

I am sorry to hear that you had a malicious program get through your security setup, but unfortunately these things happen. No one company can protect against all existing malware, and this is why we highly recommend that PC users use antivirus in addition to antispyware and in addition to any firewall. This makes it so you are protected by atleast 3 company's worth of definitions. Unfortunately, even with this great setup - some items can still get through.

Next time you get infected but SAS is unable to remove, then you can make a CSR ticket at: https://www.superantispyware.com/csr

We are more than happy to run a diagnostic on your PC, and then one of our technicians can go through it and attempt to retrieve a copy of the malicious program causing all the trouble.

Likewise, we also have a tool called Threat Check (https://www.superantispyware.com/superantispyware_threatcheck.html) -- which can also help submit potentially malicious program information back to us here at SUPERAntiSpyware HQ when our scanner is not detecting anything on your machine but you know that it is infected.

Thanks for sharing your situation with us, we do our best to innoculate our users against as many threats per day as possible -- but even so we cannot get every item. With your help next time we can get a copy of that non-detected item so that we can make a rule to protect both you and our other users from it moving forward.

Have a good day!

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Hi Joe thank you for your prompt reply, I realise I am in good hands it is just frustrating when these little beggers get through I seem to spend more time scanning and cleaning than actually using my computer for what I want it for. Cheers. :-D

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