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Hey, mods! Please clean up the forum. :-)

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I just noticed that there is a whole slew of questions on here "Started by Guest" that are empty, i.e., someone posted a topic but did not ask an actual question. All they are doing is taking up space and wasting the time of those who click on them only to find out that there is nothing there to see.

They should all be removed.

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I don't see any recent topics or posts that need to be deleted. If you do, use the "report" link to flag them.

Okay, that's weird. I just went to go try and report them so that they can removed, but there is no Report link on any of them. It's not even possible to comment on any of them either. If you hit the Reply to this topic button, a page error comes up each time.

You should go and check it out. There are over two dozen posts like this at the very end.

Here's an example of one: http://forums.supera...ttle-questions/

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