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Are we not able to use the trial version if we have been using the free version? First, I uninstalled the free version, rebooted and then installed the trial version but it won't do anything but tell me evaluation period expired. I haven't used the trial version before. Until a few months ago, I was using a paid version but it expired and I didn't renew. I was dissatisfied with the previous version because it would not update automatically. I had to do it manually. I thought I would give the new version a test and see if it had improved but it won't allow it. Is there something I can do to make it work for me?

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I aplogize for being so late in responding. I didn't receive an email notifying me of a reply even though I had subscribed and then I failed to come back and check manually. Ok, I tried your suggestion but this still didn't work. I get the "trail period expired" so I just went back to using the free version. I like the program but I wish I could tell if the automatic update works with this version before I purchase it again. I don't want to spend money and still have to update manually. Thanks for your time and suggestions!

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