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SUPERAntiSpyware and SysWOW64

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A while back, my laptop encountered one of the worst malware infections I've ever seen. I'm tech savvy and enjoy a challenge, but I was on the verge of wiping and recovering. With many different utilities and applications (a big thanks to SUPERANTIspyware!) I was able to clean up the infection.

Looking at msconfig, I noticed that there were lots and lots of programs-- I'm talking possibly in the thousands--- that were still there (but that had been disabled). Random applications with names like Wf893Fsfhz, clearly malware. However, after running SUPERantispyware in safemode in what I thought was the most thorough of search modes, my computer came up clean so I assumed they were simply left over registry entries, and I would have to run a registry cleaner later.

I eventually (and uncharacteristically) forgot about the entire thing until I noticed about 80 gigs of used HD space which I couldn't account for. I eventually got to the SysWOW64 folder where I see thousands of files which are clearly viruses... to be honest, I'm a bit flabbergasted. None of them were running (ran TDSSKiller just to be sure) but I can't believe my eyes how much malware was clogging up my computer... so far (I've gotten rid of about a fourth of them), they look mostly like duplicates of the identical backdoor malware file, but good lord, that's roughly 80 gigs of files.

After googling a bit, it seems that malware is commonly found in the SysWOW64 folder... so my question is, why does SUPERantispyware not scan this folder in its Full System Scan mode? I have to scan the files individually for SUPERantispyware to quarantine and destroy them.

Given that Explorer claims there are over 35,000 files in that folder, by the time you reply, SUPERantispyware will probably still be running to clean them all out. I'm uninstalling them in chunks.

Thank you in advance.

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That is an excellent question, njl4515!! That folder should be scanned, even on quick scan. But even so, the malware that continues to add files to that folder is not recognized by SAS. I will look forward to hearing the answer from SAS/support.com.

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