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GER UI - v5.00.1142

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A lot of the GER UI is in english and some words are not readable due to long sentences that are cut off in the UI.

Please send me the needed strings so I can fix this.

As 'proof' here are some random entries that catched my eye in the current "German (DE).lng" file:

b - Bad translation: [sTRING] > PROPER GER
f - A funny translation fail that is completely out of context: [sTRING] > PROPER GER

b - [179] > Konfiguration und Präferenzen
b - [532] > SUPERAntiSpyware Hauptmenü
f - [161] > Benutzerdefinierter Scann > [sHORT] Eigener Scan
f - [174] > Benutzerdefinierter Scann > [sHORT] Eigener Scan
f - [591] > Scann Art: Benutzerdefinierter Scann > [sHORT] Scann Art: Eigener Scan

Take care,


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