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Major Billing Issue

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I wanted to give a heads up to other people on this. I have a ticket in to find out my options.

When you purchase a subscription, and renew through the software, the system remembers the credit card used on the original purchase and, without any security information put in during the sale, can process a renewal charge.


This is bad for people like me who do the purchasing for the customer and get re-imbursed by them.

They can now charge your credit card, and you won't have any details as to which customer did this. The confirmation e-mail goes to the e-mail address you used originally, and doesn't contain any information that lets you track down who it goes to (IE: the license keys if you keep them recorded).

I discovered this because I got a batch of bad product keys and poked around and decided to see what the renewal process looks like for a customer.

BTW, during the renewal process, you can purchase a lifetime subscription for $20.

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To update with this...

I submitted a customer service ticket and they removed all credit card information linked to the e-mail address I used for purchases.

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