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I suggest that SAS be written in assembly language instead of microsoft Visual Basic.


It will result into 4x scan speed, and will reduce RAM usage.

I know that no developers will listen to me and just flung away this suggestion, but I assure that is suggestion is worth implementing as in case of NOD32.

As usual I will be receiving a reply: "Thank you for the suggestion, we have added your suggestion in, to do list".......[/url]

Actually, you won't receive a "Thank you for your suggestion, we have added it to our to do list." - SUPERAntiSpyware is written in C/C++ and would not necessarily benefit from being written in Assembly Language. Re-writing a product such as SUPERAntiSpyware in Assembly Language would make it a nightmare to maintain and upgrade and would likely be of little gain as far as speed and/or RAM usage. Assembly Language has it's benefits for specific tasks, but not for entire applications in today's day and age.

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Well, if that's true then explain me about NOD32 comparative at:

http://www.av-comparatives.org/seiten/e ... port14.pdf

It is impossible to know how effeciently (or ineffeciently) they had coded their original engine - just coding in Assembly does not automatically give you a speed increase - with datasets such as spyware/virus definitions the way you navigate the dataset has a bigger impact than the language.

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Ok, I agree with you.

So now lets give up the discussion of the language.

Well, any ideas about core changes in the program in future versions possibly v4?

We have lots of new technology changes coming out in our 4.0 version. I will post a pre-release list when the pre-release is available.

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