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Turning off network adapters

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It seems to me that any file running withen memory during an infection has the potential to download additional components or updates to itself. I usually turn off all network adapters (or disconnect the cables) when doing a scan to prevent this. Maybe SAS Pro/Home can have an additional (optional) feature to disable all incoming/outgoing connections during a scan?

Since bootcfg can restart the system into safe mode, maybe an additional function similar to the above can be implemented here that will reboot the system and perform an automatic SAS Pro/Home scan within safe mode? No internet connection would be available here...

Lastly, and this one is off topic...: I've been seeing an increase in spambots type infections. Since most of these utilize their own SMTP engine to secretly pump out spam why not add the ability to detect such activity and give the option to block it? If the actual component could not be currently found, maybe we can at least hinder it from functioning...

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