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So I guess SAS Staff/moderators have no idea?

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All of a sudden, when I scan my computer, I repeatedly get "SAS had an unexpected error" and asks if I want to submit it, I say yes and givemy email address.

I have not heard anything from anyone about this error.

I have uninstall/re-installed SAS Pro without success.

I have the latest build and have never had any problems in the past.....

I did try everything I was told, but still get the errors.....what now?

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I am neither a moderator nor an employee; however, I have a few suggestions that you should consider.

1.) Try uninstalling SAS using a program like Revo (set to Advanced mode) to make sure that the old version is completely removed one hundred percent before you do a reinstall. Sometimes, assuming there was something wrong with the original install, remnants can remain in the program folder and can interfere with the new install — so it's best to make sure that everything is totally removed.

After this is done, run a registry cleaner, such as CCleaner, reboot your computer, re-run CCleaner again after your computer has restarted (to make sure that it didn't miss anything), and then try reinstalling SAS.

If that fails to work. . . .

2.) Consider the possibility that there may be malware on your computer preventing SAS from running. Sometimes embedded malware will prevent scanners such as SAS from running.

I would highly recommend downloading Dr. Web CureIt! to make sure that your system is totally clean. This possibility needs to be eliminated. If there is anything on your computer (in terms of malware), anything at all, Dr. Web CureIt! will find it. Just be warned, though. The scan takes a long time to complete.

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If you're still crashing after JohnnySokko's suggestions and mine in the other thread, create a support ticket so I can send you a diagnostic and a developer can take a look.

I would not run CC's Registry Cleaner and let it delete all that it finds. I have had problems with programs after running CC'a Registry Cleaner and letting it delete all it finds. If you use it, look at what it wants to delete and only delete what you know you don't need.


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