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High CPU when updating

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I love SAS in most instances and even bought the lifetime subscription. But one thing that bothers me and has always bothered me is the high CPU usage when updating.

I do have an older computer with low resources and probably should transfer everything over to my newer computer. But, for the most part, the only thing I have a problem with on this computer is SAS updating. I can stream movies and everything else I want to do with no problems. But when SAS is updating it freezes me if I'm watching a movie or even if I'm working with Publisher and Adobe..Just freezes...and for too long for comfort. Nothing else does this.

What this inevitably causes me to do is bring up the task manager (if I can) and exit Sas. ...and where this becomes a real problem is if I neglect to bring SAS back after I've finished my task. If I forget the big bads can sometimes creep in.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled...so I don't think that is going to fix anything.

My question really is if SAS is planning to work on possibly reducing the cpu of SAS updating in any future update? Or even if it is possible for them to do that and still have it as powerful a protection as it is?


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So..no replies at all..Nothing to be done if install and reinstall won't fix it?

Is that the only solution to everything?

I guess you guys are right about the indifference on here.

I guess I'll either figure it out myself ..or find another program to use.

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