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Scanner options: non-executable files/known file types

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What do these two settings mean exactly and what are the differences between them:

"Ignore non-executable files"

"Scan only known file types (.exe, .com, .dll, etc.)"

Would unchecking one of them (and leaving one checked) result in more files scanned (as when both are checked)? And does this setting also effect scans from context menu, or just from within the program?

To make things more clear: I know that checking both results in less files scanned (ignoring files that are probably harmless, like .txt etc.), but it seems to me that both these settings do the same?

If I check "Ignore non-executable files" it will only scan executable files, like .exe, .com, .dll, etc?

If I check "Scan only known file types" it will basically do the same?

Sorry if I am a bit stuck-up in little details and/or "stupid"... I'm still a bit new to SUPERAntiSpyware and its settings.

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