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In superantispyware scan results why one or more items remains unselected?

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my guess Yogesh is that it by default selects the recommended malware to remove immediately, it may not select the others by default for a few reasons, such as removing the infected files could cause critical errors in the system, such as system files. Another reason is they could be files that are being used, causing them to be inaccesable, last reason I can think of is that the malware/virus on your pc could be making the files difficult to remove, I'm not sure SAS works this way, but it might, need someone more knowledgeable in the mechanics of SAS to confirm or deny. But if SAS cannot remove the infections that are not selected by default, try using malwarebytes which can force remove them. Oh 1 more reason is that the file could just be not serious, and you don't necessarily need to remove them, such as the case with corrupted executables, or or broken SSL certificates on the files, or annoying COOKIES!

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