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Super Antispyware on Facebook

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As I said in the topic description, you all should make an official facebook page for super antispyware, that way people can like it, and post questions there, I know for a fact not everyone who needs help wants to join a forum to ask for it, this way if they have a facebook they can just post to your facebook wall and receive help there, I know I would be willing to like the page and help anyone whom posted questions there. I also suggest you actually start using the twitter account that was made for super antispyware, I followed it but saw that there was ONLY 1 tweet on it, twitter is the NUMBER ONE source for getting news and information out to people, well atleast the number 1 source for those who use twitter, like I do, plus like my idea with facebook any twitter users can ask questions through twitter! I think this would be a REALLY great idea, I hope you agree!

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