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LUSETUP.EXE Trojan Alert

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I just downloaded the Try/Buy version of Norton Ghost 15.0 (directly from Symantec servers so I know for a fact that it's 100% clean) so I can try it out on my Windows 7 x64 system. I've got Avast antivirus running on the system as well as SuperAntiSpyware. At the end of the install, SuperAntiSpyware alerted me to a Trojan detected in the LUSETUP.EXE file. LUSETUP is the Live Update component of all Symantec products and Avast gave it a clean bill of health. Now normally I trust SAS implicitly as it has been the most reliable product on the market (and I own about 6 Lifetime Updates licenses because of it) but this time I have to call shenanigans. This is a false alert I believe Symantec would have a rather significant problem with. I find it very upsetting as well since I know the virus definitions are now being managed by the company that bought SAS and clearly they made a mistake somewhere in the chain.

So what's up??

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