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I briefly looked through your suggestions section of the forums and really didn't see anything much for your repair page so I hope some1 didn't already suggest this. If they did then I'd love to buy them a coffee or beer (I'll still have the coffee though :shock: )I've received many calls from my friends asking me what some of those fixes were for and if they really needed to do any of the repairs, which meant a lot of questions from me (about whats happening on their system), which meant more questions from them :?::blink::?: and so on. Some users might not know exactly what IE Policy Restriction, a WinOldApp Policy Restriction, WinSock LSP (Layered Service Provider) Chain, Winlogon "shell" value, or for that matter User Agent "Post Platform" info are. Those were the main repair page values that were constantly questioned.

So here's my proposal: If there was a way to let the user know which (if any) repairs actually need to be done I might actually enjoy helping my friends more :wink: maybe a prompt to go to the page after a scan or take them there after cleaning any Malawi that compromised the system and have what needed to be repaired checked or marked and leave it up to them to go ahead or not with what was suggested. Hope this helps for making a more (noob) user compatible program but still leave it to the pros to choose what they prefer or need. Thanks guys. GREAT program. Very accurate as far as I'm concerned. I recommend it to all who may have the guts to ask my opinion. Keep up the good work and keep keeping the updates up to date, would be very worth it. Cheers!!! By the way if I was unclear :huh: in anything you read here just let me know, nicely please. Anything to help.

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