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Robbie Kleij

QQi (internatioinal) by tencent software

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Today I updated the new versions of SUPERAntiSpyware (free version) and ran a full computer scan, it then decided to remove all the working files of QQi ( international ) from my computer making in inoperable.

I do understand this, as the Chinese government, as always, is spying on their users through their internet policies, such as: No youtube, No google maps, No FaceBook, etc,

checking what people are saying (overall) from the greater china except Hong Kong.

is the SUPERAntiSpyware Team aware of these anomalies? if so is there a software that is comparable with QQ 2009 or QQi (i= international) and where can I get it.

I have been using QQ 2009 in the past and changed to QQi in the last two years.

they both are prohibitive in the sense that the Chinese Government is spying on or in both programs and of course at the users that use them

Foxmail is also made by "Tencent software" and it seems that no spying is done through this program, An email client. which is also incoperated in the QQi instant messenger program as the default email client.

I would like to solve this anomaly before re-installing QQi or QQ 2009 or which ever program can operate within the SUPERAntiSpyware's malware controller.

of course presently I can get in touch with some Chinese users Through ICQ which they are also alowed to use in China, but ?I still have friends missing from the QQi list

Great work SUPERAntiSpyware team but I still want to chat to my honey in China and many other great Chinese friends.

P.S. SUPERAntiSpyware dod not remove my personal information for QQi so I could potentially just reinstall the program and continue as usual

this makes it possible to get newer versions that do not spy on me if that where possible ( another 120% marks for the SUPERAntiSpyware team)

HELP ..... :unsure:


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