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(First of all, I know & am sorry that this topic goes alongside this one but, unfortunately, I never received an answer ... )

Everytime Firefox has to be updated, I download the new *.exe file from the official site, double-click on it to install and immediately (whilst the file is being extracted) the following SAS Alert pops up :


After that, I abort the installation, go into SAS > Manage Quarantine, restore the file and disable SAS's real-time protection. I'm then able to install Firefox's new version without any problem and, after that,I enable SAS's real-time protection again.

Weird thing is that, if I scan this specific file (in this case "Mozilla Firefox 6.0.exe") with the right-click in Windows context menu or during normal scans, SAS tells the file is clean (so that I cannot report it on the usual way to support & that's why I'm asking here) ...

For your information, same happened with Firefox 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 ...

Thanks for your assistance ! :)

(Running SAS Pro 5.0.1118 on Win7 SP1 x64 Professional)

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As I didn't receive any answer here, I also contacted support on last 8th September (ID Ticket : CSR00075138).

Today I received an update to my request telling that the issue is still being investigated and asking me for the exact link from where I usually download Firefox (which is the official site's download link).

I will report here again as soon as I receive the results from support...

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