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Shutdown Issue

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I have 2 stand alone DELL computers with SAS 5.0.0 installed.

DELL Dimension 4400 XP/SP3 Home Edition.

Shutdown proceeds normally.

DELL Optiplex GX270 XP/PRO SP3.

Shutdown is interrupted with SAS not responding, and have to manually end the task for shutdown to complete.

Event Log shows nothing relating to SAS during shutdown.

Any suggestions for Cause / Solution ?

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When your system is shutting down, it basically has to open each running program and close it. When SUPERAntiSpyware is "opened" it will load the database of threats which can take some time. On systems with limited memory or slower disks, it can take more time than Windows deems acceptable. Try closing SUPERAntiSPyware before shutting down, it'll likely happen much faster when it's the only thing shutting down.

I'm oversimplifying the actual shutdown process, it's got more to do with swapfile and memory management, but that's the

gist of it.

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Thank you for your response, but it doesn't make sense. The older of the two machines, it doesn't happen on; ie, less ram and slower cpu: 768mb RAM, 1.7 gHz.

It happens on the newer, 1 Gig RAM, 2.4 gHz.

As far as processes running, they are almost identical, as I have installed the same protection APPS, etc.

Also tried as you suggested, exit SAS first. May not have waited long enough before shutdown, but same problem, not responding popup.

Also, I understand a lag in opening due to loading definitions files etc, MBAM takes a little while also, but shutdown ? Time to uninstall and look for a replacement.

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