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Licenses all gone!!!!!

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Latest update has hosed all 4 systems in my home. Two (2) systems had new 1 year subscriptions, the other two (2) had lifetime subscriptions. All four (4) now report that my "trial period" is about to expire. Running Professional version on all systems. I did a retrieval of my licenses and it reported 4, which is correct. However, it does not say which ones are lifetime and which ones are annual. I have already tried to place a reg number in the system with the lifetime, and it now reports it is good for another year. How do I find out which license is which. There is no verbage differentiating the different licenses. How do I replace the one that says 1 year with the correct lifetime license? This is really messed up!!!!!

Someone please help. Is there another update coming that will fix this? All systems are XP Professional 32 bit.

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