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Where is the Positive Reviews Section?

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This is my first post here. I decided to register on this forum just to be able to post the following:

I just received the latest release of SAS (Pro) and find the new interface so attractive that I thought "Great Job!"

So hereby: "Great Job!"

Also, I just remembered that for example on Sandboxie's forum there is a 'Positive Reviews" section. I have utilized SAS Pro for a few years now, and I like it very much.

Although I usually surf and open my email -and attachments- in the virtual space -sandbox- of Sandboxie, once I went to the Windows Update site to check if I had the latest, and I did it un-sandboxed, because otherwise the updates won't install, and after that I went to a Russian website to read an article in English still un-sandboxed. Horror! After a day or two my laptop became super sloooow, the desktop blinked off for a second once every minute, and my Online Armor firewall showed rows of connections to the Russian Republic. So I scanned with my very well known brand AV -usually the best according to AV-Comparatives- but it detected nothing unusual. Then I scanned with SAS, and sure enough, it found and removed the culprit, a trojan. After that to my great relieve my machine worked normally gain.

Usually I have a backup at hand on an external hard drive. But this time I had made a complete system backup after I had downloaded/installed the Windows Updates I had found and had visited that Russian website... so the trojan was already also on my complete backup. But SAS came to the rescue.

I would like to add that I find the fee I paid for a lifetime Pro license very reasonable, to say it with an understatement.

Keep it up, SAS team, your doing an excellent job.

So for good reasons I suggest a 'Positive Reviews' section be added to this forum. It is well deserved.

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