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Virus - Redirects websites changes home stops firewalls/anti virus form running

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I am having a big problem (sorry if this is the wrong section) My Anti Virus software doesnt work anymore, i tried to do a scan and it says error, when i try to run superantispyware it finishes scanning and than when it does it closes, what it did see is two droppers i tried running in safe mode it dooes the same thing, my home page changes everytime i log out and login, I am not even on sp1 i am using vista, the reason im not in sp1 is that this keeps happening to my computer and i cant seem to be able to download windows updates sometimes, i had to do a factory reset like 10 times now i had the laptop for like two years. any help is much appreicated I work online so i need this done asap - thanks! an i really cant afford to lose anymore

I am on a friends laptop right now

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