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Prgram executables won't open and Quarantine empty

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(Running Windows7 Pro)

SAS Portable running from USB drive successfully removed Win 7 Anti-Spyware 2011. I selected to quaratine all items it found. The problem is that now most of my application won't start from the Start Menu or from shortcuts. The filetype associations stil work. For example when I click on [documentname].doc(x), MS Word will open, but not if I click on the Word icon on the start menu, or any shortcut. It instead comes up asking me what program I want to open Word with, To select Word returns the same screen, essentially in a loop at that point. If I navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\WINMWORD.exe the same thing happens, except I can right-click and "Run as administrator" and it will run.

I though perhaps a false positive on one or more registry entries could be to blame, so I started SAS and clicked to manage the quaratine, only to discover it is empty. I've not be able to find a quaratine folder.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Richard in Atlanta

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