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Henrique Chote

Sugestões importantes

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My suggestions:

* Best Graphic Design;

* Real-time protection more effective. The link below leads to a Brazilian blog. This blog SuperAntiSpyware tested and found that its scanning is excellent, however, its real-time protection is weak. The main benefit of the buyer of SuperAntiSpyware is the real-time protection, so it has to be good.


* Better compatibility with 64-bit Windows Seven. A few days ago, SuperAntiSpyware did a daily update of the database and software version, and oddly enough, was two SuperAntiSpyware in memory! Two icons of Superantipyware were on the taskbar, and shut the other one went up and running. Even restarting the pc, it was not possible to change the situation and had to uninstall and install again to fix the problem.

* The heuristic has to be constantly improved, for less, be necessary inclusion of spyware signatures, and use the power of programmers to develop helper tools.

* SuperAntiSpyware need a smart upgrade by downloading only the protection against the new threat of the day, and not the entire file every time.

* We need a system for analyzing the behavior of running applications and protect critical areas of the system to be changed by malware or other users. (HIPS)

* The Reputation system-Powered Cloud collects information about files of all users participating in the cloud and uses them to assess the risk level of processes running on your computer. This information is also used to whitelist files for faster scanning.

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