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SAS does not scan properly

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I have been using SAS pro since Nov 2009 and it has yet to work for me. My pc is win7 amd 64, nVidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, athlon 11x2 235e, 6gig mem, 750 gig. My system info always shows SAS as inactive. Today I used a link from SAS to uninstall/install SAS ( again!) and it actually finally is active......BBBUUTTTT now when it scans it skips past hundreds of files in system32, where most malware hides. In fact SAS has not found any viruses/trojans/scumware or a simple tracking cookie, since Nov 2009!!!!. All infections to date have been found by Avira or Malwarebyes on my system, not a one by SAS. Is anyone else having this problem? I am really getting kind of frustrated here, in view of all the glowing reviews about SAS...I can't see why.

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Under Preferences>Scanning Control tab, does it scan everything if you uncheck ?

- Ignore files larger than 4MB

- Ignore non-executable files

- Scan only known file types (.exe,.com,.dll, etc.)

Also, are you running the latest SAS version which is V4.54.1000?

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