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System continually reboots after SuperAntiSpyware-Portable

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Good morning!!! (Hopefully - cuz my evening wasn't the best...)

I have a friend's PC (HP Pavilion Media PC m7560n) that is trying my patience - and the extent of my knowledge...

Here is my log:

6/10 - Began troubleshooting

Ran Norton scan - 13 problems discovered and cleaned

Cleaned registry, defragmented registry, ran McAfee Security Scan Plus

Downloaded and installed SpyBots v1.6.2 - 163 problems discovered and cleaned

Downloaded and installed MalwareBytes - 19 threats discovered and cleaned

Ran Norton scan - 36 problems discovered and cleaned

6/13 - Cleared BIOS password

Repaired registry to allow Windows Updates

Downloaded and installed: 10 software, 2 security, and 3 hardware Windows updates

6/14 - Eliminated empty Explorer window from opening on startup

Still had two problems: Logitech Desk Messenger kept popping up an error on PC startup and there were two registry entries that kept coming up in Norton's scan as bad. But Norton would fix them each time...unsatisfactory in my book.

Still trying to get this PC into the best condition I can.

Read a bunch more and found your product. Sounds great! Downloaded it; put it on a thumb drive; ran it - all with no difficulties. My next log entry:

Downloaded and ran SuperAntiSpyWare - 209 threats discovered and cleaned

I am impressed - that you found so many threats AFTER I ran all of the others. GREAT!!

I saved your report. I selected ALL blocks - two were selected by your program's default and the other two I chose simply to increase the number of "threats" cleaned. Your software said I needed to reboot to complete the cleaning. I rebooted.

When it came up (after several attempts), this window popped up that said there was a file that needed to be opened. Select the top option and it took me to www.trustedsoftware.com. Select the bottom option - to let Windows handle the file - and it would either repeat the popup with other filenames or dump me out to the desktop and not let me select anything!! Not even System Restore!!

It took me awhile to get into the box (in Safe Mode) and do a system restore...back to MONDAY! I have now lost two days...

Are you associated with TrustedSoftware.com?? Any thoughts why it took over the system AFTER you had cleaned it?

Ready to start - again...

I thought I would start with SuperAntiSpyware first this time. I believe I should NOT select all four boxes this time - just accept your defaults and move on.

Is there anything else I evidently missed? Your thoughts on my next approach?

I really don't want to spend several more days on this...

Thanks, in advance, for your time and assistance!

< Steve >

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