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SAS Pro v 4.42.1000

Windows 7 Home Premium

SAS loads at startup, pops up the flash screen, but then in lower right has a popup about download now the latest updates see image, when I click on update I get the "update must be done from acct with admin privileges".

So I can update definitions from inside SAS, but there is no link to update software. According to the popup I have to log off and log into Admin acct and do a software update. However when I log into the admin acct there is NO popup in the lower right as per the image below, so I can't update software.

The FAQ says how to manually update definitions but does not say how to manually update software. I would prefer to update software by simply clicking on a link in the program or from the popup but as I say I above either I can't or there is no link.

Thanks in advance for a solution...

BTW I also use Avast, and avast provides both a link to update software and a separate link to update definitions.


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Please try this:

1. Close down SAS completely by right clicking on the Notification Tray SAS icon and selecting Exit from the menu.

2. Go to START>All Programs>SuperAntiSpyware and right click on SuperAntiSpwyare Professional (or Free).

3. Select "Run as Administrator" to start SAS.

4. Once SAS restarts, right click on the Notification Tray SAS icon and select "Check for Updates"

You should now be able to update the program. The latest version is V4.54.1000.

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