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Windows Stopped Working During SAS Update

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Windows stopped working during the few minutes I was updating Sas, as advised when I opened Sas to run a scan.

I'm working off a bootable Linux Ubuntu USB stick. All works fine, including the internal hard drive, except Windows. But, I have hardly any Linux permissions. I can't even open Virus Scans designed specifically for Linux. But I'm too sick (chronic leukemia) to go to the library, and this is my only computer.

Free SAS. Can't see version number while in Linux, but SAS exe was modified May 7, 2011. Oh, a log in Application data, May 15, reads Application Version : 4.52.1000

Windows XP Home, SP3. Bios Dell A02. 256 ram (actually one 512 stick and one 256 stick). Home build starting with Dell Dimension 3000, bought 2005, built 2004. Seagate Internal Hard Drive. PCTools Firewall, Spyware Blaster, Adaware Free anti-virus. (I didn't seem to have conflicts between those 3, and Sas's manual scanning.)

Re-loaded Windows in 2010 after losing Windows files in a 2008 sudden thunderstorm, and letting the machine rest for 2 years. On SSI disability, so trying to avoid buying new hardware. (Linux memory testing said the actual running time of the computer was 4.something years.)

Now, trying to boot up to Windows on internal drive leads nowhere. It keeps starting over. Sometimes it starts over right away, sometimes it gets all the way to Windows splash screen, then starts over--in a Merry-Go-Round for hours. It never gets past Windows splash screen anymore. This also occurs when I try to boot into Safe Mode, Last Known Good Configuration, etc. I was hearing beeps in various combinations, but not anymore. All 4 Dell lights in back, are green.

In Users [MY NAME]/App Data/SAS.com, Quarantine was empty. The most recent logs were context logs with no threats detected. I do have some older SAS logs where threats were quarantined and deleted a long time ago.

Going through Temporary Internet Files in Windows, I found a Bitmap, from SuperAntiSpy dated Mon 16 May 2011 01:02:19 PM UTC, titled "SUPERANTISPYWARE_EXE[1]" It said "SuperAntiSpyware has detected and blocked a potentially harmful application from running. SuperAntiSpyware Alert Options 'Click here to view details about the blocked item' 'Click here to scan your system now (recommended)"

This is around the exact time Windows stopped working. The screen and links looked like usual when SAS needs an update. I had clicked the update link and gone out for a minute. I came back and found the crash.

I found two more Bitmaps in TIF. One is titled "SUPERANTISPYWARE_EXE[1]" It reads

'SUPERAntiSpyWareUpdate. There is an update available for download. If you would like to download the update now, please click the "download and install the Updates Now" link below. With two links, " download and install the Updates Now " and "Continue what I was doing and download later. "

dated Mon 16 May 2011 01:02:18 PM UTC.

The 3rd Bitmap in Tif, dated Mon 16 May 2011 01:02:18 PM UTC is also titled "SUPERANTISPYWARE_EXE[1]" It reads, "SUPERAntiSpyware Update

There are currently no updates available for download and installation. Product Update Options. Click here to close the Window."

Main questions: Was it simply a coincidence that Windows crashed while SAS updated? Could it have been a Malware spoof/impersonation of SAS? I was updating SAS files, not scanning.

Should I reload Windows, rather than trying to repair? Did a malware or dangerous process show up while Sas updated, that crashed computer? Or, did something go frutzy during the update because of my lousy computer combined with some Sas thing?

I haven't tried to repair or restore Windows. Not sure if there's anything else to do except reload Windows CD, and/or try to obtain better Linux permissions. Any advice would be appreciated.

I really like SAS, and will buy Pro version when I can afford. SAS found cookies that Norton didn't. SAS actually found several worms, Trojans and such, that remained undetected by my paid version of Norton (which was a gift, and I deleted it mid subscription. Norton found NOTHING, while SAS found plenty, and Norton froze up and messed up my system in several ways).

#2. SAS keeps reporting it's "locked by the system." I can't close or use it, and I have to reboot every time that happens.

#3 When I simply update Sas with the monthly updates, will I always have to uninstall and reinstall? It's a little tedious to do this every month. Otherwise, NO problem! Until this crash!

Blast it, I can't upload the bitmaps. "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"

I can't even upload a 457 byte log from SAS logs in App Data! Is that this forum, or Linux not allowing me to utilize your upload software?

Linux won't even let me download MP3 plugins for Rhythmbox!! I can't do anything with this! Thanks, anyway!

Stepstone :0)

Operating System, from Piriform Speccy 4-17-11

MS Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3


Intel Celeron 320

Intel Celeron 320

Prescott 90nm Technology


768MB Single-Channel DDR @ 166MHz (2.5-3-3-7)


Dell Computer Corp. 0N6381 (Microprocessor)

Hard Drives

39.1GB Seagate ST340014A (PATA) 94 °F

[is actually IDE with Sata ports]

PCTools Firewall

System board

ACPI Fixed Feature Button

PCI bus

Intel® 82865G/PE/P/GV/82848P Processor to I/O Controller - 2570

Intel® 82801EB SMBus Controller - 24D3

Speccy listed a whole bunch of sub-details, running processes and such, probably not necessary here.

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