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Fix the grammar in error message

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You need to correct the grammar in a pop-up error message that I received from SuperAntiSpyware. I thought the message was bogus because of it. (I had just gotten rid of a high-jack virus that wouldn't let me use anything, so I thought it was BACK! Ack!)

I was trying to update virus definitions since about three weeks ago. Your long-time user Seth pinpointed the problem and now that issue is FIXED! (Thank you so much for these message boards!) But your ERROR MESSAGE NEEDS TO BE ACCURATE. IT NEEDS TO SAY WHAT YOU MEAN.

Right now the error message says: "There was an error trying to retrieve definitions."

The word "error" in this sentence is not the noun responsible for the actions of trying or retrieving. The "error" was preventing something from happening.

A better way to state it would be "An error prevented your computer from retrieving definitions." Or just add the word "in" after the word "error." The grammatical problem caused me to distrust the message, so I looked for other virus protection for over a week, meanwhile not solving the problem, because I thought that SAS was not doing the job. I had professional edition, so I was afraid to uninstall it -- afraid I couldn't get it back without paying again or maybe at all. And should I pay for it if it wasn't doing the job? (Those were my thoughts.)

And then you came out with the downloadable version of SAS during that time. Whew! That helped a lot. Then I found the message boards and got the help I needed.

Thanks for a great product! And thanks for the new portable version! It came in the nick of time. Now you just need to correct the grammar.

Veggiegirl, aka grammar geek :wink:

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The "error" is not caused by SAS, and I think the message should reflect such.

The message is common and should be changed to something like, "A program or setting on your computer is preventing SuperAntiSpyware from updating..."

Further info would include firewall exceptions and a "how to" for clearing an IE proxy that an infection changed.

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