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Hang on Authentication

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SAS seemed a bit confused today.

I have SAS 5.0.1078 Activated Pro version, Windows XP, Microsoft Security Essentials.

On Startup this morning, I opened the SAS GUI to do a scan, SAS must have been in the process of auto-updating at this time because the Definition Update window appeared and it said "Authenticating Connection". There was another window behind this that said my trial period had expired, even though this product was already activated.

I entered the product key again and it activated OK.

The "Authenticating Connection" status in the Definition Update window remained unchanged for about 15 minutes and had clearly locked up, at which time I tried to terminate SAS using Task Manager - but of course, SAS wouldn't allow that - so I restarted the computer and on restart, SAS was now OK - it updated and scanned fine.

Other programs were happily connecting to the internet while this was going on..

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This is happening every time I start this particular XP computer, I have to exit SAS and re-enter my activation code. It will not update. I will put in a support request

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