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So far love 5.00 just got it! Can we please have a bootable disk SAS!

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So far had no issue with 5.0 its stable for me. B)

Same here :)

Only problem I had was after installation it said my license had expired. Shut it down and ran it again and everything was ok.

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Installed real-time; i.e. Professional version last night.

So far so good.

Scans are a lot faster than 4.x

Full system scans on a W7 SP1 x64 computer are taking about 20 minutes

"Critical Point Scans" are taking about a minute or so.

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Hello everybody,

Just installed SAS Pro version 5.0.1078 on Win 7 Pro x64 SP1 and upgraded the software through the "Live Updates" to the very latest version 5.0.1088 without any problem.

The version 5 is really nice and offers some interesting new options; the new interface is very clear & userfriendly.

Well, I heard a lot about SAS in the past but never had enough time to try it; now that it's done, I'm very pleased with this fine software ! :)

As from yesterday, I have it running with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Pro 1.51 and Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.1; everything seems to work perfectly together... :P

Nice job !

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What about updates - are they faster too? Auto-updates in SAS Pro takes a million years :twisted: (give or take) on my old XP...

I scheduled the automatic updates (program/definition update) to run every hour and it really works like a charm : only a few seconds each time ! :P (as mentioned in my previous message, I'm on Win 7 Pro x64 SP1).

The possibility of scheduling these updates is, in my opinion, precisely one of the interesting new options that version 5 offers. :)

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